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What’s The Big Idea?

You supply the vision, we supply the results.

We're a small team with huge ideas and the tools to make your dreams a reality. Shok’s culmination of talent and experience have helped make our clients happier, wealthier, sexier and more famous. Well, three out of four in most cases - which we attribute to our thoughtful approach: 1) IDENTIFY a problem in the marketplace. 2) Develop a creative solution to SOLVE it. 3) Learn and understand what consumers THINK. 4) ATTRACT their attention. 5) ENGAGE in a conversation with them. It’s this core process that gives Shok uncompromising focus, not only on the details but more importantly –




It’s not our business, it’s yours. Your business is your hope, your dream and your passion. We want it to succeed, too, so we’ve gathered an award-winning team of strategic, creative and like-minded professionals under one roof to help you out.




Even though our livelihood comes from working with global brands, we strive to share our fortune with our community through service, and by supporting local businesses.




We don’t like to toot our own horn, but it’s nice to be recognized by your peers for great work. We’ve been honored with every award from ADDYs to Innovations. Oh yeah, and the AAF Silver Medal for lifetime achievement.


What Are We Doing Right Now?


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Why Do We Love It Here?

It's rare these days to find people who are truly passionate about their trade. The big difference between a good designer and a great designer comes down to going the extra mile. Doing the bit of extra work that most others skip, or are just too lazy to care about. It's this attention to detail that separates Shok from most ad agencies and creative firms.
We are not out to take over the world or build a huge agency. We just want to stay small and do great, effective work for a select group of clients. Their goals become our minimum goals. We always strive to exceed expectations. It's this kind of relationship that forges long-term partnerships with success on both sides.
We know, we know - every agency has cool offices. Ours is no exception, but it's more about the people than the decor. We are a true team in every sense of the word. We each have a specialty, but it only works when all positions are working together as one. That trust in one another helps us deliver amazing work with positive results. Oh, we play hard too - after all, it is advertising!
That's why we're here. If our clients didn't consistently grow, we would all be looking for a career change! Apparently we're pretty good at what we do - and the proof is in the pudding. We wont get into specifics right now, but when you're ready to sit down with us, a few of our case studies will blow your mind. Give us a ring to see how we can help your business grow.

The Shok Team

Who's Dedicated to Your Success?

Scott Disbennett
scott disbennett
principal / creative
Scott’s education in aerospace engineering has served him well in the design world. His 20 years of creating global brands, ad campaigns, websites, products & packaging has given Shok a leg up over the competition. Owning many businesses has given him the unique perspective of an engineer, an artist and a businessman.
Nicol Foresta
nicol foresta
creative services manager
Nicol has worked with Scott for over 18 years and is proficient in all aspects of the industry. She is not only a world-class designer, but also is the backbone to keeping Shok Idea Group organized and meeting deadlines. Her relationships in the industry help give Shok a leg up when the need comes for a specialist and ensures the lowest pricing is passed on the client. Her primary role is design and layout while keeping your projects on task and on time.
Jesse McIver
jesse mciver
Jesse is a multi-talented artist, graphic designer, and much more, with a degree in photography. Throughout his 15 years in the design industry, he has gained invaluable experience and knowledge, becoming proficient in multiple software applications. When he isn’t designing on a computer, he likes to create as much as possible, from drawing and painting to helping his daughter create something amazing for her school projects.
Krystal Thomason
krystal thomason
Krystal has managed the financial aspects of Shok Idea Group since it's initial inception. She's been a part of the team since the very beginning and knows every one of our clients and vendors. She handles our office operations, keeps track of invoices and finances, and overall ensures our office is running smoothly.
Erik Cloutier

erik cloutier

Lead Developer /
Web Services Manager

Erik is a creative thinker, a web developer and a talented graphic designer, with an extensive background in print and media design. In the always evolving digital world, he uses his passion for design and problem solving skills to develop pixel perfect websites with a focus on providing a great user experience.

Patrick Langley

patrick langley

Web Strategist /
SEM & SEO Specialist

Patrick has over 18 years in advertising and marketing, focusing more on digital marketing and web development. His attention to detail is essential to developing lead generating websites and successful online marketing campaigns. He fully understands the intricacies surrounding web development, digital marketing and how they work together to reach client goals.

Deanna Burns
deanna burns
Deanna’s creativity, paired with her education and experience make her a valuable copywriter for Shok Idea Group. A Stetson graduate, she has a bachelor's degree in Communications and Journalism - with studies focused on the field of marketing. Her resourcefulness and practicality compliment her inquisitive nature, resulting in an excellent researcher. Deanna’s multi-faceted background in media, hospitality and advertising gives her a unique perspective. A New Smyrna Beach local, Deanna is known for her wit and humor. She breathes a fresh dialogue into her work; masterfully blending informative subject matter with anecdote to find the perfect tone for each project.


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