The HUB on Canal

The HUB on Canal is a local non-profit organization that inspires art in every form. Their eclectic collection of artwork, artists, and events is reflected in the bright pops of color on their new responsive website design. The HUB challenged the Shok team to help create a more simple user experience that organized their hundreds of classes, lessons, workshops, music nights and other happenings into an online format that would make any event easy to find. Navigation was key, and pages were reorganized into a sitemap that was more intuitive. Shok also customized an event calendar broken down into categories based on the type of class or event. Event thumbnails and titles are assigned a color-coordinated overlay that matches their category color. An online registration feature was added to allow users to register and pay online for specific workshops.

A custom slide show on the home page displays the latest art exhibition, which automatically updates and pulls in content from the art exhibition event calendar. Other features include an easy to use WordPress content management system using advanced custom fields, to allow The HUB's website administrators a "fool proof" interface that requires no HTML knowledge.

By automating many web content updates through the use of dynamic features and the event calendar, The HUB is able to keep their website up to date and reduce the amount of time needed to manually change out their content. Visitors are also able to easily find more information about events and happenings hosted by The HUB and their group of artists.

This is a custom responsive web design with a WordPress content management system, event calendar, e-commerce platform (for event registrations), and more!

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