Portfolio Category: Environment

31 Supper Club

From the start, Shok was involved in every aspect of this exclusive new supper club. From designing the walls, bar, flooring, lighting and ceiling to the table settings and exterior signage. We were very lucky to use authentic 1930’s hardware and art throughout from the owner’s personal collection.
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Metra Electronics

Shok designed this 80 x 50 foot booth for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We took a modular approach to the concept in order to utilize the pods in other configurations. Tension fabric structures and accent lighting finish off the look with bright colors that are noticeable from across the show floor.
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An outdated nightclub that was known for booking great bands was in need of a soul. The area was over saturated with tiki beach bars, so Shok gave them a unique LA rock ‘n roll look that stands out in the crowd. The new name and brand makes this a destination for live music lovers…
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