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The Asylum Residents

Really? You want to learn about the crazy creative team that runs the asylum? OK, you asked for it - Hover over their name for a short bio. And if you dare, hover over each pic to see their real side...and don’t say we didn’t warn you. Really? You want to learn about the crazies that run the asylum? OK, you asked for it - Click each picture to read their stories.

Scott Disbennett Creative Director

Founding member of Shok Idea Group, Scott is a rare find - intensely creative, yet superbly analytical - he is the perfect marketing guru. It is his unique mix of right and left brain talents that allows Shok to offer what most agencies can’t; engineered creativity through a business perspective.

Nicol Foresta Account Director

In order for Shok Idea Group to implement their crazy good ideas for their clients, they must have concrete schedules and deadlines - a plan of attack for each project. Nicol, a founding member of the Shok team, is tasked with making sure that each phase runs smoothly and on time.

Erik Cloutier Lead Developer

With 10+ years in the industry, Erik’s creativity and his gift for critical thinking allow him to transform a client’s vision into a website reality. Working in tandem with our creative team, he designs and develops websites that position our clients to the world in innovative and exciting ways.

Morgan Everson Graphic Designer

When our team of creatives come together to brainstorm crazy good marketing, advertising, websites, and more for our clients, we can count on Morgan to help visualize those ideas and will them into being. She is a talented graphic designer with an impressive amount of experience.

Patrick Langley SEO/SEM Specialist

Patrick is the epitome of self-taught success. Interested in design from an early age, he learned web development on his own - freelancing his talents to an assortment of vendors - while trying his hand at a variety of other industries along the way.

Deanna Burns Copywriter

Deanna’s creativity, paired with her education and experience make her a valuable addition to Shok Idea Group. A Stetson graduate, she has a bachelor's degree in Communications and Journalism - with studies focused on the field of marketing.

Russell Sirmans Art Director

Shok Idea Group’s newest addition was found hiding in plain sight - a long-standing friend and associate of the founding members of the team. Russ is a 25 year veteran in the Advertising, Design & Photography industries and has worked for major international corporations, as well as smaller local companies, nonprofits and startups.

Shok Monkey Public Liaison

Meet Shok Monkey! An important member of Shok Idea Group. His diverse background makes him a perfect fit for our team. As a young primate, he dreamt of following in the footsteps of his grandfather - a talented circus performer. However, with Ringling Bros. announcing the end of their show in 2017, he was forced to acknowledge the decline of career opportunities in that industry.

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